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Project Description

R.H. Kilburn & Associates

Website Design

I’m so thankful for everything Richard and his team at R.H. Kilburn & Associates have done for me over the past few years. For starters, they were kind enough to teach me all about financial planning, insurance, taxes, and wealth management while I did a placement with them through my Career Exploration class at my high school.

And most importantly, I was grateful to be given the opportunity to design their website. This was a lot different than my first major website development with the Saskatoon Zoo Society. For starters, R.H. Kilburn is a for-profit business with different end goals compared to the non-profit sector. However, the end goals are the same. A website that needs to be flexible, easy to use, eye-catching, and assists the financial planning team in meeting their goals.

Check them out at richardkilburn.com