The Podcasts that Educate

What do I listen to, and why?

The internet is great. Like public libraries, you can learn about all sorts of topics completely free of charge and you can meet people who are interested in the same things. I live for podcasts – not only are some inspiring, but they are quick to listen to catch up with the events that occur around the world. In this post, I’ve listed some of the podcasts I listen to frequently (some daily) so others can enjoy them as well. Enjoy.

No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman Podcast Network

These podcasts are great. Not only does Glenn host the No Vacancy podcast, but he also co-hosts “Checking In with Anthony and Glenn featuring Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible Superstar Anthony Melchiorri, the Hotel Design Podcast, the Hotel Tech Podcast and the Business of Hotels podcast!“. If you’re interested in hotels or hospitality like I am, then these podcasts are an absolute must.

Visit the No Vacancy site.

The Daily (New York Times)

Now, if you like to stay up to date on world affairs, then The Daily from the New York Times is most likely a part of your daily routine. It definitely is for me – Michael Barbaro and guests do a phenomenal job breaking down major topics in the United States and around the world into twenty-minute episodes, every weekday. Best part? The episodes are up before you are – one of the best parts of waking up (other than Folgers in your cup).

Visit The Daily site.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

I’m thankful for the existence of NPR, as this podcast is one of the first mediums that got me interested in business. Hearing from entrepreneurs and the stories behind their business is inspiring and fascinating. My favourite episodes of this podcast are: “Airbnb: Joe Gebbia”, “Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher” (RIP), “Drybar: Alli Webb”, “Virgin: Richard Branson”, “Live Episode! Beyond Meat: Ethan Brown”,  “Lonely Planet: Maureen & Tony Wheeler”, “Five Guys: Jerry Murrell”, “WeWork: Miguel McKelvey”, “Live Episode! The Home Depot: Arthur Blank”, “Linkedin: Reid Hoffman”, “Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales”, “Stripe: Patrick and John Collison”, “Lululemon: Chip Wilson”, “Bonobos: Andy Dunn” (have heard him speak live – phenomenal), “Live Episode! Peloton: John Foley”.

Yeah, I listen to HIBT a lot. But it’s worth it – it’s my go-to at the gym (I get hyped up by weird things okay).

Visit the HIBT site.

Tell Me Why (American Airlines)

As an aviation enthusiast, I love having the ability to listen to content meant for internal audiences at an airline. This podcast does exactly that: gives listeners an inside view on the decisions that are made at American Airlines. The episodes are short (<10 minutes) and provide great insight into the aviation industry, and one of the biggest airlines in the world. Lessons range from leadership to diversity to individual decisions about routes that AA operates.

Visit the Apple Podcasts site on Tell Me Why.

Business Wars (& Business Wars Daily)

Wondery, like NPR, produces some incredible audio content. One of my favourites is Business Wars, a long-form podcast composed of multiple seasons, telling the stories of business rivalries over the course of multiple episodes. Less current events, more history. My favourites are: “Netflix vs. Blockbuster” (did you know Blockbuster had the option to buy Netflix?), “McDonald’s vs. Burger King”, “Southwest vs. American”, and “Nintendo vs. Sony”. Great content.

(Relatively) New to this network is Business Wars Daily, which is more current where the host talks about current events in a short episode each day (<5 minutes). Great to catch up on these as well.

Visit the Business Wars site.

Household Name

While I don’t listen to this one frequently, I do find it constantly dragging me back. Household Name by Business Insider dives into some of the well-known “household names”/brands that people love (or hate) and shares stories about them. Some of my favourites are: “TGI Fridays: The Tinder of the 1960s”, “The Coca-Cola President” (worth a listen if you’re interested in the relationship between political ambition and business), “The Waffle House Index” (super, super interesting). However, just looking at the list of episodes while writing this post has got me intrigued with episodes – that I’ve yet to listen to – such as: “Victoria’s Secret is Out”, “An International Amazon Mystery”, “Apple 1984”, “A Wrench in Tesla”, and “Basically Starbucks”.

Guess I have some listening to do!

Visit the Household Name (Business Insider) site.

Planet Money

As a student of business and a listener of podcasts, this list would not be complete without one of the greats. Planet Money, also produced by NPR like How I Built This, is one of those things that I take for granted: I don’t support it endlessly with listens, but I definitely appreciate the content they produce and I tend to download about 50 episodes when I head on a flight. Again, looking at the list of episodes while writing this post has got me intrigued in revisiting this show again. Focusing on the American economy, this show dives into topics and current events that may have an effect on the average American. I think it’s interesting to listen to this podcast to see if I can figure out trends that may be heading up north to Canada soon. Very well done (like all of NPR).

Visit the Planet Money (NPR) site.

WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED Original Podcast

You’ve read his posts on Linkedin, but have you listened to him talk?

Adam Grant has a great thing going with his WorkLife podcast. As an avid consumer of TED content, this podcast fits in elegantly among the TED content and is an amazing way to consume Grant’s (endless) knowledge. The podcast focuses on “making work not suck”, and I think it does a good job at doing that. I enjoy it, laugh along to it, and learn a significant amount from it. Take a look at the list of episodes – this podcast has been running for a bit of time now, and so you can pick-and-choose what topics you would like to learn about, or attempt to soak it all in (if you’re like me).

Visit the WorkLife with Adam Grant (TED) site.


What other company is talked about and referenced as leading innovation around the world as much as Amazon is?

Prime(d) first started as a series breaking down and following Amazon’s search for HQ2, and continues to do so, in combination with other episodes on how the retail, technology, and everything(?) giant is affecting society on the daily. It’s worth a listen. I hate that I don’t have as much time to keep up to date on this podcast as I wish because it truly is great content. If you’re interested in Amazon, you should be interested in this podcast.

Visit the Prime(d) (KUOW) site.

Well, can you tell that I enjoy listening to podcasts? If you’ve never listened to one before, or don’t know what you would be interested in, just jump in! While my taste focuses on business and current events, there are so many great podcasts out there that provide listeners with incredible value. Get out there. Listen to a podcast. Learn something new about yourself or the world.

I use Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, and Luminary (it’s new, with options to subscribe like Netflix for premium content – I haven’t yet, but it’s enticing me more each day) to consume my podcasts, with the Overcast app being my daily driver.

Additionally, by no means should this list be taken as all of the podcasts that I listen to; I have well over 25 different ones on my list but figured I would ease readers of this post into my knowledge consumption. Listen to a podcast that you think is extremely great? Tell me about it – I’m always interested in learning more about interesting things.

Also, all pictures/logos of each podcast are the property of their respective owners. By no means do I aim to misuse content; rather, I hope this post inspires others to listen to these podcasts.