The Touching Story of… A Billion Dollar Company?

As I’m sitting in the car on my way back from Kamloops, my mind is basking in all of the newfound wisdom I’ve gained in the past week. I just (literally) finished my copy of Shoe Dog: A Memoir From The Creator of Nike by Phil Knight. When I first picked it up off of the business story shelf at my local bookstore, I was expecting a somewhat dry, but nonetheless, interesting tale of Nike’s success. Well, about 10 pages of the book were dedicated to that, which they definitely deserve. The rest of it however? It’s failures. It’s battles. It’s ferocious fight to be the best. And while I’m sitting here, writing this post, throwing all of these big words in, I can do nothing but recommend this book. As someone who considers himself to be a very driven person, I idolize Mr. Knight. He had a dream; a dream to create running shoes that would revolutionize the industry. I would say that the man who founded Nike, Inc. has done a remarkable job at just that. Throughout the book, you learn a remarkable amount about Phil and the hardships he endured to create the company as we know it today. It can be somewhat hard to believe that a company who now has sales of billions of dollars, started out in the trunk of a car (but, I guess you gotta start somewhere, right?). Without giving too much away, I urge everyone to pick up a copy and check it out for yourself. Why? Because no matter who you are, what you do for a living, or what you want to do in your life, you will draw inspiration from something Phil has done. Plus, you get to hear his side of the story on things like labour in factories (which, if you recall Nike was negatively portrayed a few years back). 

Seriously. Go pick up a copy. Or don’t, frankly it’s your life so do what you please… A great philosophy to live by. An even better philosophy to live by? Listen to Treyton. ‘Cause I’m awesome.

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