Fun Fact: The Maple Leafs, Raptors, Toronto FC, and Argonauts are all under the MLSE company – along with arenas, training centres, restaurants, apparel shops, and much more.

Double Fun Fact: Rogers Communications, which owns 37.5% of MLSE, is also the majority owner of the Toronto Blue Jays. That means they have part ownership of every major league sports team in the city.

I mean, one of their main brands, the Toronto Maple Leafs, just signed superstar John Tavares to their roster for the next seven years. Anyone else foresee a Stanley Cup in their near future?

With some of the most talked about brands, from the Maple Leafs to the Argonauts, along with ownership of venues such as the Scotiabank Arena, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is destined to thrive. Their recent (2018) acquisition of the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League means that MLSE now owns 80% of the major sport teams in the city of Toronto.

Now, besides my major interest in them being that the Maple Leafs are the NHL team that I cheer for, I truly believe that MLSE is in a great position in the coming years.

Why I Want to Work for MLSE: As you’d be able to figure out by reading my article on Why I Want to Work for Disney, I love events and creating that environment where people can enjoy themselves while, of course, driving KPIs for the business. I would love an opportunity to get involved with MLSE in the coming years, so we’ll see!

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