Fun Fact: They have about 37,000 locations around the world, and just opened their brand new corporate headquarters.

As I who really prides himself on good food, one might think: Why McDonald’s?

Well, I did say I like good food… and I truly believe McDonald’s has good food. I mean, have you tried one of their new Angus Burgers? Or a Grilled Chicken Wrap? Yes, it’s still fast food, but it’s really quite incredible.

And although there are some major issues with the Saskatoon (even Saskatchewan) locations, I truly believe that they have a good thing going for them. I would love to be a part of McDonald’s corporate team, and help them solve issues as they arise with their restaurant and new offerings (menu, technology, etc.).

Plus, who doesn’t want to be able to go to a McDonald’s restaurant in the lobby of their workplace and experience food from all over the world? 

Why I Want to Work at McDonald’s: One thing that I always enjoy about businesses is how they change overtime to account for changes in their target market. For example, McDonald’s has done a great job in the last 5-10 years (in Canada at least) changing their menu to serve more high-end, cafe-like healthy (or more healthy) food so that health conscious consumers still spend money and visit their restaurants. Furthermore, their focus on technology and other ways of ordering their food has blown other companies out of the water, before they even began. I liken this debate to that of McDonald’s Vs. Tim Hortons, where McDonald’s did an absolutely incredible job with the roll-out of their mobile ordering platform (smartphone app) and in-store kiosks, where everyone knew it was coming and I, along with many others, have used these avenues of ordering that their rolling out these platforms to more locations. Tim Hortons on the other hand, was more of a walk in to a restaurant and see a single sign above the counter that says “Mobile Order Pickup” – this was my exact experience. Plus,to place a mobile order, I had to download a separate Tim Hortons app, which sat beside the other Tim Hortons app on my phone. Weird.

I got off beat there at the end, but what I was going for was simply the fact that McDonald’s hasn’t shied away from innovation and change, something I’m happy to see.

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