Undoubtedly the worlds largest hotel and hospitality company, Marriott has an astonishing thirty hotel brands underneath its family tree. Ranging from mid-scale to luxury, five-star resorts, there is something for every guest that stays with this company.

I became fascinated with the hospitality industry at a young age as my family was constantly staying in hotels around Canada as we travelled for hockey tournaments. I’ve stayed in the Days Inns and I’ve stayed in W Hotels. Recently, I got the chance to visit my first all-inclusive resort in Cuba. One thing that remains constant: while the room and the features/amenities on the property do definitely matter, it’s the people that make the experience.

Why I want to work for Marriott: Besides the benefits of travelling, I think that I can make a tremendous impact on Marriott associates and their guests. With some of the most renowned brands such as the Ritz Carlton, I believe that focus should be on upgrading outdated properties and training associates to the length of Disney.

Ultimately, a goal would be to own a few Marriott luxury brand hotels to supplement other income. Time will tell!

Fun Fact: The company has over 1.2 Million Hotel Rooms under its brand.

Billion (USD) in Revenue (2017)
Billion (USD) in Net Income (2017)
Worldwide Employees