While this crown corporation has had its tough times, I truly believe the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, and by extension, the Ontario Cannabis Store, is sitting in a good place right now. They’re a large operation with a near monopoly on alcohol sales in Ontario.

However, the reason why this company is included with the others is simply due to their desire for innovation as a government agency. While I haven’t done a lot of research on the complete inner workings of the company, I lead you to this podcast from PwC, regarding retail evolution with the LCBO.

Why I want to work at the LCBO: Similar to Diageo or Fire & Flower, it’s all about the experience. The LCBO is the stepping stone, and the biggest in Canada at that, to enjoy that experience. I think we’ll be seeing some advancements in retail stem from the LCBO and carry into the rest of the provinces, especially with the upcoming legalization of Marijuana.

Fun Fact: 651 Stores are a part of the LCBO’ grasp on alcohol sales in Ontario.

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