Welcome to whatever this site is called. Oh yeah, my name. Treyton Zary. Or Trey Zary for short. Or just Trey. Really is up to you. Call me whatever you want to call me ;). Anyways, on here you’ll find a few posts about general life, some of the work I have done (Graphic Design, Website Design, being an awesome fellow, etc) and hopefully that’ll give you a little idea of what I’m about! If you’ve been referred here by the man, the mystery, the legend himself, you’re probably going to be looking for a file I told you to find here. Chances are, that’s from school. You’re going to want to check out the “School” tab on the right or click here (you will need the password I gave you, and if you don’t have the password, well then chances are you weren’t supposed to go there). Feel free to browse around my humble views of the world in my blog posts, check out some of my fantastic work, or just peruse the mystical version of my site (notice how theres no link to that version, that’s because you’re already on it!). If you need something, or need a way to get a hold of me, reach out to me on my contact page. I promise to get back to you*.

*I make no promises.


– T