First off, Fire & Flower has one of the best logos I’ve seen in a long time. Not only is it representative of their main product, but it incorporates their name in it (FF). Looks aside, I truly believe that this company will be extremely valuable within the next 10 to 15 years; while most cannabis companies have chosen to have been initial public offering to finance their operations, Fire & and Flower have chosen to remain private – which shows me that they’re willing to stay away from the hype to build something strong.

While plenty is still up in the air about the upcoming legalization of Marijuana, one thing is certain as seen by every nation-state or territory that has legalized thus far: retail sales are going to be off the charts. Those companies that can get in on the ground floor and cement themselves as a leader in the distribution and sales of this now-legal drug have an opportunity to drive growth at a pace that is only occurred once before: when the prohibition of alcohol ended. Which company is going to be the next Diageo or ABInBev of cannabis?

Why I would want to work for Fire & Flower: I love customer interaction, I love new things, and I love new experiences that not only drive revenue but solve issues pertaining to the human body. This industry is going to be huge.

Fun Fact: Orange is their colour. Orange is my colour!