Fun Fact: They’re about to merge with the majority of 21st Century Fox’s assets in a $52 Billion Deal (if it all goes through).

Now this company is the only reason I’m sad that I don’t live in the United States – Disney is a company I would love the opportunity to work for, crafting that level of service and excellence that their brand is known for.

But it isn’t simply the company in general that I would like to work for – no, I’ve already narrowed that down to a specific area. (Well, two to be exact.)

Walt Disney Land

I would love the opportunity to show off my operational know-how and love of events by providing the Walt Disney company with my skills that would allow me to thrive in their busy environment. As one could probably begin to figure out, I love events and leading people through the successful operation of them. For example, you’ll notice that’s why I picked MLSE as a place I want to work for as well.

Throw me in the deep end and I’ll show you why I want to be there.


While this one definitely has some crossover with the previously mentioned Walt Disney Land, I’d love to be a part of Disney’s retail arm, and I believe that this would be a great initial first step for me as I live in a country without a theme park. As the company behind many hit feature films, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney’s merchandise sells just as well, if not better than, the films. I love creating experiences for people and I truly believe that is possible through a combination of customer service and products that one believes in. (I believe in Disney’s products – they’re so cool!)

Why I Want to Work for Disney: Besides all the amazing reasoning above, I truly believe that Disney is well-positioned to excite (and drive incredible profit) to people of all ages for plenty of time to come. I look forward to an opportunity with them (hopefully)!

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