Sound familiar? How about Smirnoff, Crown Royal, Baileys, Ciroc, Captain Morgan, Guinness, DonJulio, or Johnnie Walker? Diageo is the company that makes and controls each of those brands. They’re massive – but that doesn’t stop them from consistently innovating.

While I’m not a big consumer of alcohol, I have to admit that I’m fascinated by the industry. The industry, that according to Statista, had about $220 Billion (USD) in sales in 2017 alone. Plus, when taking a look at simple economic concepts, is one industry where the “value-added” approach of pricing makes sense – not only in the crafting of cocktails but in terms of the process of production itself.

Diageo, for me, stands out because of its sheer size and diversification within the spirits market. Whereas many beverage producers (MolsonCoors, AB InBev, etc.) limit themselves to beer or a single brand (Bacardi), Diageo has more of a holding company approach that allows each of its brands to have a distinct identity.

The reason I’d like to work for Diageo: Experience. Not necessarily for a personal experience for myself, but they’ve done a great job of diversifying themselves enough that if a group of people are going out to enjoy cocktails, for that “experience” (which many people, including younger ones, crave), there’s a significant chance that a Diageo product is being used.

Fun Fact: Used to own Burger King & Pillsbury

Billion (USD) in Revenue (2017)
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