Aden Bowman Gold Cards

Looking for a sweet way to support the Aden Bowman Bears or just minor football in your community at all? “Yes” is the correct answer by the way… Purchase a Gold Card for $20! They’ve got some sweet savings for you, and they support my football team… two birds with one stone! Just to list some of the savings:

  • Safeway: $5 off $50 Purchase
  • Safeway: $10 off $100 Purchase
  • Rona: $15 Gift Card with $100 Purchase x2

The card has paid for itself 2x already!

  • Subway: Buy a regular (6″ or 12″) sub and two drinks and get your second sandwich free! x8!!!!!!

Now, if you’ve ever had a really good Subway sub, you know that those coupons could easily save you $50!

  • Booster Juice: Free Smoothie with purchase of a regular priced smoothie

Now, that’s not even it! There’s a lot more on the actual card (credit card sized) that can be used for a year! 10% off at Booster Juice, 10% off at Orange Julius, 5% off at Popeye’s, 15% off a $25 purchase at Brown’s Social House, I could go on and on!

Here’s a few pictures if you want to check it out yourself:



Oh, and did you catch the part where I mentioned they are only $20? That’s right! Now, there’s easily $100 worth of savings, so doing some quick math, that’s $80 in your pocket!

Interested? I figured you might be.

You can shoot me an email on the contact page, but your best option to make sure you get yours (I only have a limited supply) is to shoot me a text at (306)-292-8193. 

Once again, you can get an Aden Bowman Gold Card to support my football team, which in turn supports minor football in our community, for only $20…

Contact me now!

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