PartSource. Mark’s. Helly Hansen. Sport Chek. Atmosphere. National Sports. Pro Hockey Life. Sports Experts. Hockey Experts. Nevada Bob’s Golf. And of course, the namesake: Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire is a Canadian retail behemoth, responsible for many of the country’s most recognizable brands. There’s no denying that one would be in a minority if they had never stepped foot into a Canadian Tire store.

Now, for the majority of my featured companies on the list of Where I Want to Work, I’ve listed reasons why the company resonates with me, or things they’ve done in the past. But Canadian Tire is different; retail has changed and is changing. Canadian Tire is changing, and will continue to have to change. I would venture to say that Canadian Tire is as much a household name as Tim Hortons is (or at least used to be). I’ve had great experiences in Canadian Tire stores, and I’ve had really terrible experiences. And while I definitely believe in positive management principles, for the purpose of this, I want to focus on the bad moments.

The reason why? I’d love to help Canadian Tire improve those moments, for me, and for everyone. I want to help Canadian Tire make more money, all while creating better experiences for their guests. Why guests and not customers? Well, in a sense they’re the exact same, yet completely different. All customers are guests, but not all guests are customers. The experience should be the same, like the good old days when you visited a Canadian Tire or PartSource with your dad or father figure, helping him fix something around the house. It’s time to bring that experience back into retail.

Billion (CAD) in Revenue – 2017
Million (CAD) in Net Income – 2017
Stores (Roughly)