While definitely more present in Eastern Canada, I’ve always enjoyed my experiences at Cadillac Fairview’s properties. They’re clean, bright, modern, and most of all – BUSY. With some of the nation’s most prominent shopping centres and office space under their purview, CF has continued to thrive in the ever-changing retail and real-estate landscape.

And now, with the recent acquisition of the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto (near other CF properties such as Toronto’s Eaton Centre) along with the announcement of a new $800 Million office tower in downtown Toronto – Cadillac Fairview is well poised to lead Canada in real estate.

While many other real estate companies choose to acquire properties quickly, beefing up their portfolio, what I’ve seen with CF is that they methodically chose properties that enhance their status for the long-run. Short-term gains versus long-term returns – I appreciate the latter more.

Fun Fact: According to the company, 50% of the Top 25 performing shopping centres in Canada are under their ownership and management.

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