Let’s pretend Apple didn’t exist.

Which companies shake up the cell phone market? The music industry? Education? Computer industry? Retail industry? Health?

See, I don’t just appreciate Apple for the company they are, but the advancements they’ve made in all areas of our life. While yes, I do use their products on a daily basis, something has to be said for the way their tactics and operating procedures have caused major industries to change. For example, one of my favourite parts of the company, and the one I would love to work for would be their retail arm. No other store comes close to the sales per square footage that Apple Stores do, year after year. Apple, in my eyes, was the company that made shopping about the experience and less about the products. When you walk into an Apple Store, a sense of wonder and creativity are injected (not literally) into your mind and it makes you feel symbolic with the company and the environment you’re in.

Why I want to work at Apple: I love the idea of their Apple Store Leader Program, which after graduation from university, puts you into a 2-year placement alongside their current store leaders. After the two year program, you’ll be more likely to be hired when applying for a store management position in one of their markets. Plus, who doesn’t want to work at Apple?

P.S. Please bring a store to Saskatoon!!

Fun Fact: Has about $285 Billion (USD) in cash reserves – pocket change!

Billion (USD) in Revenue (2017)
Billion (USD) in Net Income (2017)
Worldwide Employees