About Me

My name is Treyton Zary... but you've probably gathered that already. I'm from Saskatoon, SK, Canada - don't worry, I don't know where it is either.

I have a lot of interests, but my current ones seem to center around one theme - leadership.

I enjoy telling people what to do (that sounds bad, but it's the easiest way to explain it).

But, since actual people read this, let me rephrase that. I really love leading by example and demonstrating (and teaching) my peers the proper way to act and respond to our ever-changing world. I've done this many ways, but I think the one that sticks out the most is my involvement in the community and through different youth forums. I've spoken on behalf of all the high school students in my city to the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners  (Blog) and I just recently attended Encounters With Canada (which is a great program, by the way, highly recommend it to everyone aged 14-17).

Web design and marketing is a hobby of mine. I put together the Saskatoon Zoo Society's website and I currently assist in helping them achieve their marketing goals through the use of Social Media, and email marketing. Keep in mind, that I haven't gone to school or anything for this, and have simply been doing it out of pure interest.

You see? High school taught me ideas and concepts that I've been interested in. Kidding! I've learned anything even remotely interesting on my own (because, that way, when I win awards later on in life, I have fewer people to thank... sarcasm...).

I'm always looking for new websites to build to strengthen my portfolio and to gain expertise that I will (hopefully) use later on in life. Send me a quick message if you'd like to work with me! I do enjoy reading books and will always take recommendations as to which ones to read.

I also really dig current events (yes, I said dig). If you follow me on any (and probably all) social media accounts (I've lost track of how many accounts I have), you'll probably see me sharing some neat ones. You'll find me on the big ones (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) @treytonzary.

But Treyton, what makes you so special?

Well, let's be honest here: I have a pretty nice beard. It really makes me stand out.

That alone makes me pretty special. But, I mean, get to know me and you'll see that I'm a whole lot more than just a pretty face.

And yeah, I'm probably forgetting a whole lot about myself, but hey... I typed this in 10 minutes on a Tuesday night. I think it's pretty great.

Want to take a look at my résumé? Check it out here.