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Trust. Integrity. Results.


You’ll notice that the word I brought attention to in the headline above is hospitable. It should have been “results” (probably a better choice business-wise), but I pride myself on my relations with my clients, peers, and mentors. I like to make people feel welcome.

And with that, I’m Treyton Zary. I’m interested in a lot of things. Actually, scratch that: I’m interested in pretty much everything. I read a lot, which you’ll soon be able to tell by navigating around my website. I pride myself on wanting to learn as much as possible, and often I’ll be in my own world dreaming of business ideas or ways to improve operations of current businesses, events, or processes.

Subjects that have peaked my interest:

Hotels & Hospitality

General Business

Event Management

Experience-based businesses (i.e. tourism)

Accounting & Finance


Apples (love apples)

Much, much more


You may have noticed and hopefully, admired my new logo. The logo, orange and light blue (or at least I hope, my colour blindness throws me off sometimes) is representative of my personality. The orange, more rigid colour speaks to my operational skills and “hard skills”. The light blue, the colour of my family name, Zary, speaks to my “soft skills” – more welcoming and hospitable.

My last name, Zary, is enclosed by two “T’s”, represents the first two letters in my initials (T.T.Z).

The logo was designed in Adobe Photoshop. The animation was created using Apple Motion. The colours were chosen using a palette on colourlovers.com.

My logo design went through many iterations before I chose this one; I believe the logo in it’s current stage has an element of flair to it, representing my welcoming side, but yet just enough rigid lines to showcase that side of me, as explained above.