A wise man once said: "Keep reading."

Granted, I'm that wise man. Keep reading applies to many things in life - books, news, etc. The more you read, the more you know. So keep reading (my website).

My name's Treyton. Or Trey. Or T.

I like to have fun with things - and you'll see that across my site.

I reside in Saskatoon, SK, with some incredible people, supporting me in my endeavours.

If we haven't met before... WHY NOT? I love to meet new people and expand my network, as I aim to make sure everyone's thinking aligns with mine and that everyone agrees with my opinion (totally kidding - I love people from different backgrounds who can show me the world in a different light - this is only the start of my "professional" humour).

Explore my site - see if anything I've done interests you, and if it does, drop me a line. Doesn't interest you or something isn't right? Drop me a line. Need something? Drop me a line. I like to talk.

Oh, and the background picture (if you're on a desktop/big enough screen) changes every day. If that isn't reason enough to check my website each day, I don't really know what is...

Also, this isn't my dog. I do have two though and promise I'm not a dog thief (unless they're really cute).


Future Net Worth Goal


Dream big, right?

Age of Trey


"Age is just a number."

Years of Education Left


Lifelong learning, yo.

Non-Me Users of My Netflix


Happiness for friends = $15/month