My Career (And Life) Goal
To successfully fund my own business venture and utilize my many years of experience to make that venture a success.
The Amount of Money I Want In the Bank
Websites Created/Maintained
Years Young
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  • It's no Disneyworld, but now certified in Disney's Approach to Quality Service. #disneyinstitute #YesIWentToEricChurch
  • Met some extraordinarily rad people this time last year 😎 #ewc #waterpong
  • Win or lose, #10's biggest fans 🏒 we may not know how to play hockey but we sure know how to twin and yell at refs #MommaZary
  • "Dude, why you gotta take pictures of me sleeping?" - 🐕
  • Hitting you up with that love this Valentines 😏❤️ #MyNeck
  • Saw these seven sins according to Gandhi posted to reddit, and thought about how excellent they are: not just as sins, but guiding principles. I'm not religious so I don't believe in god, but I do believe in a world where everyone treats each other as equals and accomplishes good shit together. We live in a time where technology and human potential is greater than it ever has been and yet we leave many of our peers suffering. Think about all the incredible things that can be done by helping each other out. Don't be a bystander - stand for something (or someone). It can be tough sometimes, but do your best and if you ever need someone, *cue music* "You've got a friend in me..." 🎶